About Ane

I was born in Mexico City, and grew up in McAllen Texas, with Cuban and Basque roots.  My rich family heritage has fueled my wanderlust, and I look forward to traveling at any moment that I can.  I’ve been incredibly lucky to travel the world, and my mission is to help others experience the magic of travel.

I started a blog called The Hungry Chronicles (originally Hungry Girl Austin) out of my appreciation and fascination with food and travel, which led to a career in the luxury travel industry, and eventually to the launch of Lowe Luxury Travel. I was fortunate enough to follow my passion and join a prestigious luxury travel agency in March of 2017 as an affiliate, and now I get to escape every day, planning unforgettable trips and special vacations for clients.

I look forward to continuing to share my travel escapades and design memorable itineraries for those who also love travel.