So you’re heading on vacation, perhaps you’re getting away for the weekend, or maybe you’re jet-setting to a fantastic locale. Regardless of how long you’re traveling, having these essential luxe travel musts will make your flight/trip that much better.  These items are not just fabulous, they will help make your flight more comfortable, will help you get some rest, and will help refresh and revive your face just in time for touch down.  Here are some of my favorite luxe travel musts I don’t travel without 🙂


Cashmere wrap/blanket.  You want something that’s going to be light, but will also keep you warm on the plane.  I like the wrap/blanket combo, so you can wrap it around your neck or shoulders as you walk around the airport (and pull your outfit together), then drape it on top of you when you snooze on the plane 😉

Noise canceling headphones.  These are a no-brainer, especially when you want to be able to sleep through the noise of the engine, people talking, and babies crying.  It’s also a great accessory for when you want to get some work done and listen to your music, or watch a movie without any noise distractions!

Silk eye mask.  Sure, any eye mask will do, but the smooth fibers of silk help keep moisture close to the skin (and planes can be quite drying), and when you sleep with a silk eye mask often the extra moisture will plump skin cells to show fewer fine lines and wrinkles! Taking your eye mask on the plane will also help keep light out, which fill further help you sleep and get the much needed rest that you need.

Inflatable neck pillow.  I’m all about comfort and convenience, and I hate lugging around extra things that may bog me down.  The perfect solution to somewhat comfy sleep (and avoiding hurting your neck) is an inflatable neck pillow, which can easily fold into your carryon bag and be blown up when needed to get some sleep.

Cozy socks.  Often times when I travel I wear sandals for flats, and sometimes you just want to free your free from any shoe that you’re wearing, but often times the planes can get cold (especially on long-haul flights).  I like to keep a clean pair of cozy, warm socks in my carryon that I can wear while I relax in my seat or try to snooze.


Make sure to remember that everything–liquids, aerosols, gels, creams, pastes–must be 3.4 ounces or less and fit into a quart-sized bag! When I buy beauty & skincare products, I’ll often times buy travel-size stuff too and keep the travel-size stuff in my beauty bag so that it’s ready to go for my trips.

Neutrogena wipes.  I keep these in my carryon, because I hate getting make up on my cashmere wrap or on my neck pillow (or on my silk eye mask!).  The Neutrogena wipes are great, I feel that they do a great job of removing makeup, are perfect for my sensitive skin, and travel really well.  A few hours after takeoff (or before napping/trying to go to sleep), I’ll remove any makeup that I have on so my skin can breathe.

For long-haul flights, I love to treat my skin to some treatments, I don’t care how weird or scary I look 😀  I love the Sephora treatments for the eyes and for the face, I feel that they work really well and have different ones depending on what you want to achieve with your skin.  For my eyes, I like something that will energize my under eye area so my eyes look bright when I get off the plane.  For my face, I like to use something that has antioxidant or anti-aging properties, and that will smooth out my face so I look refreshed getting off the plane.  I will follow the directions on the packaging, and usually will do the treatments an hour and a half before landing.

I’ll also carry around a homemade lip scrub (just mix brown sugar and coconut oil) because my lips tend to be very dry (I know–I need to drink more water!).  I just rub the scrub on my lips for about 2-3 minutes in a circular motion, then I lick it off 🙂

Luxe Travel Musts | The Hungry Chronicles

Inventive Eco Organic’s skincare line is perfect for all skin types and incredibly hydrating and good for you

Once my face is clean and has been treated with thirst-quenching nutrients, I like to spray my face with a firming toner or face mist.  My favorite skincare products are Inventive Eco Organic, made in small batches in Central Texas.  A fantastic toner that they have is the Elemental Mineral Mist, it’s refreshing, smells like cucumbers, and has potassium, silver, and other minerals that “help to maintain proper skin pH balance while providing long-lasting suppleness and elasticity.” Bonus: they have a 2 oz bottle of it so it’s TSA friendly.

Once I pat the mist on my face, I then use the Anti-aging Hyaluronic Serum, which contains comfrey (anti-inflammatory), hyaluronic acid (a powerful humectant), and Gotu Kola, all of which “reduce the appearance of old and new scar tissue and minimize fine lines and wrinkles.”  The serum can also be used under the eye, so I use it on my forehead and eye area.

After that, I turn to their Anti-oxidant Infusion Balm that contains omega 3, argan oil, and Vitamin B-5, and it’s whipped to perfection to make a moisturizing yet light balm that your skin will drink up.

Last but not least, I make sure to keep a travel-size dry shampoo in my carryon as well, and will spray it into my hair (in the bathroom!) just before landing to refresh my hair.  The Oribe texturizing spray that I linked to below smells glorious, and adds volume/cleans without leaving a white residue.  The scent smells so good that people requested they bottle up the scent into a perfume!


Once my skin is clean and prepped, I like to apply a little bit of makeup, so that I can hit the ground running once we land.  I try carrying items in my makeup bag that will serve a dual purpose, so that it cuts down on the amount of items that I have to carry around.

Rather than using a heavy foundation (or a powder that can spill all over the plane), I like to use the NARS tinted moisturizer that provides a bit of coverage and has an SPF of 30.  It provides a little bit more coverage than other tinted moisturizers that are on the market, but it’s not as heavy as a foundation.

Next I’ll use the YSL Touche Eclat wand, I use it as concealer under my eyes to brighten up that area and cover my eye circles (can never get rid of them!), and the wand can also double as a highlighter that you can use along the bridge of your nose, above your cupid’s bow, under your eyebrows, and any other area that needs to be brightened up. I love that I can use the wand applicator directly on my skin, and it releases just the perfect amount of product so it’s not wasteful.

After that, I’ll use the NARS Multiple stick in Orgasm, it can be applied on both your cheeks and lips, and as the name suggests, it gives you a subtle rosy flush (plus I think it’s suitable for most skin tones).  I just rub my finger on the stick, then will dab on my cheeks and on my lips.

Last but not least–the eyes.  The mascaras I use (and linked to below) are not exactly the inexpensive drug store mascaras you can find anywhere, but they really add a dramatic difference to my lashes! I start with the Jane Iredale lash primer/conditioner, it helps with the health of your lash and I feel that it’ll make your lashes look longer too when you apply mascara.  Next, the mascara.  I use two, and switch them out whenever I feel like it (so I’ll only carry one in my makeup bag in my carryon).  The Lancome mascara will definitely add dramatic length and volume to your lashes, so I tend to use this more at night time.  The It Cosmetics mascara definitely helps in adding length and color to my lashes, however if I want a dramatic effect I’ll use two or three coats.


I use the tote below, which is a vegan-reversible tote from Free People.  I love that it fits my other travel essentials: my macbook air laptop, wallet, passport, sunglasses, above-mentioned items, and it’s light and not heavy. Another great option is the Goyard Tote pictured below, it’s big and roomy, comes in tons of different colors, and is a timeless tote that will always be in style if you take good care of it 😉