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So I left my job of almost 9 years in 2016 to pursue my passion to help other people plan travel and to focus on other things I was passionate about.  Since I’m not going into an office anymore, I’ve had the luxury of either working from home, or hopping from one coffee shop in Austin to another for a change of scenery or for a little bit of inspiration 😊.  Here’s a round up of my favorite coffee shops in Austin (some are super girlie–what can I say?).  If you think I’ve missed one, feel free to let me know by commenting on my last Instagram post here.


Merit Coffee

Merit Coffee just recently opened at the Seaholm Power Plant, to the relief of many residents and apartment dwellers in that area.  The owners  are former Austinites that got a wild hair and decided to open a coffee shop in San Antonio, right in the midst of the 2008 recession.  They opened Local Coffee in San Antonio, and have since opened several locations, my favorite being the one at the Pearl Brewery.  They then decided to source and roast their own coffee beans, and Merit Coffee was born.  They wanted to get back to Austin and open a location here which they did at the beginning of 2018.

My Favorite Coffee Shops in Austin | The Hungry Chronicles

The Factory – Cafe With a Soul

This brand new coffee shop is *stunning*, and is a great place to get a matcha green tea latte, some fried chicken and waffles, and lots of work done.  I was impressed with this coffee shop the second I walked in — from their chair swings attached to the ceiling, to the self-select/self-pay ordering system, this place has a WOW factor that not many other coffee shops have. Pro tip: they don’t offer wi-fi, so make sure to come prepared to get work done without the internet, or bring along your personal wi-fi hotspot ;).

My Favorite Coffee Shops in Austin | The Hungry Chronicles

Le Politique

Le Politique is a beautiful new downtown French brasserie on 2nd street that recently opened a patisserie and coffee shop.  Step foot in here on a Saturday or Sunday morning, and you’ll probably have to wait in line (just a few minutes) to order a coffee and some delicious french pastries (think palmiers, macarons, croissants, and other fresh baked goods).  I like working in a sunny, bright little corner that they have at the end of the patisserie, and love to watch people stroll by and stop at their bakery window to drool.

My Favorite Coffee Shops in Austin | The Hungry Chronicles


I know the best way to get over the mid-week slump! Head on over to Forthright Cafe, it’s one of the prettiest (and yummiest) coffee shops in town, and after a healthy meal I’m always motivated to get more work done!  I love the bright, clean, white interior, and they have several tables outside to enjoy some work and some grub on fair weather days.

My Favorite Coffee Shops in Austin | The Hungry Chronicles

Mañana Coffee

This place is a gem and a much-needed addition to the South Congress corridor.  The floor to ceiling windows let in a flood of beautiful light, the music they play is fantastic, and let’s not forget the incredible coffee and pastries (the macarons being my favorite!). This place is great if you want to get some yummy caffeine in your veins and a lot of work done, yet it’s also great for a coffee meeting as well.

My Favorite Coffee Shops in Austin | The Hungry Chronicles

Don’t forget to try their macarons!


This is my go-to whenever I’m in the South Lamar area.  I remember when this place used to be a coffee cart on the corner of 4th and Congress–they’ve come a long way!  They use local roasters for their coffee, as well as innovative roasters from around the country to offer the best that they can find.  Also, they bake an assortment of fresh, sweet and savory goods direct from their own kitchen every morning, so make sure to go early before all the better stuff gets picked through 😉

My Favorite Coffee Shops in Austin | The Hungry Chronicles

Barley Bean

They have FIVE locations around town, so one of them is bound to be near you.  I love this place because they have smoothies, fresh juices, and kombucha in addition to coffee, and they also serve breakfast, lunch, and pizza for when that hunger strikes!  There’s one around the corner from our apartment Downtown, so I love popping in every now and then to get my fix and get some work (and walking) done.

My Favorite Coffee Shops in Austin | The Hungry Chronicles

Iced dirty chai latte and fun geometric walls for the win 🙌


Whenever I get a hankering for a good cortado and beautiful succulent arrangements, Walton’s is my go-to.  I love coming in here for breakfast, they have some of the best shrimp n grits in town! They also have breakfast staples like challah french toast and avocado toast as well, plus they have their own house blend of drip coffee that will help you power through whatever work you need to get done.  Don’t forget to try their macarons here, they’re some of the best in town!

My Name Is Joe

Not exactly a coffee shop but more of a coffee trailer, when it’s not too hot out yet in the morning I love stopping by My Name Is Joe to enjoy one of their lattes (they have matcha, turmeric, regular, and chai lattes) and a delicious tartine.  I always feel good supporting this coffee trailer, because it was created to help others on the path to recovery from drug and alcohol addiction, partly through employment here.  They also donate part of their proceeds to an innovative, non-profit treatment program less than an hour away from Austin.

My Name Is Joe | The Hungry Chronicles

I know there are countless coffee shops in Austin, and there are tons of other great ones. These are just my favorites, and the ones I think are the prettiest and always inspire me when I’m there. If you have any that you think should be on this list, feel free to reach out to me and comment on my last Instagram post, maybe I’ll add it to the list!