Where to get your fix for the best deviled eggs in Austin

Ah, the deviled egg. A quintessential staple in southern food, a favorite snack at picnics, and seemingly the first appetizer to disappear at cocktail parties and events. What used to be a straightforward and predictable classic (and for me, boring) dish has been reinvented in so many ways, it’s hard to keep up. Luckily we have plenty of restaurants in Austin to show us just how versatile deviled eggs really are. In no particular order, I give you my list of the best deviled eggs in Austin.


You can’t go wrong with these babies, they contain some simple ingredients but they’re so flavorful and pack a punch.  These deviled eggs are made with salmon gravlax, trout roe, pickled red onion.  Pair them with a refreshing glass of rosé and you’re good to go.

Best deviled eggs in Austin | The Hungry Chronicles


McGuire Moorman Hospitality knows deviled eggs, as they’ve proven both at Lambert’s and Jeffrey’s (below).  These guys are served for lunch and dinner, they’re in their bar menu AND their brunch menu too.  Their deviled eggs are spicy, served with smoked paprika, American Caviar, cornichons (little baby pickles), olives, and caperberries. My favorite thing is to head over to the bar, sit my booty down, and enjoy some deviled eggs with their dreamy crispy wild boar ribs and a stiff drink.

Best Deviled Eggs in Austin | Lambert's


As mentioned above, McGuire Moorman knows the way to our heart is through deviled eggs.  Their truffled deviled eggs are some of the best from this list, and if you go in Tuesday through Sunday between 4:30 and 6:30, or Monday night, you can enjoy them at half price when dining at the bar.  I also highly highly recommend the popovers, there’s few things in life that are better (maybe I’m slightly exaggerating).  Their half price bar menu/happy hour deal is one of the best in town, considering it’s one of the best restaurants in town.

Lucy’s fried chicken

Mmm mmm mmm!! The only thing that is better than fried chicken may be a deep-fried deviled egg, and Lucy’s Fried Chicken has that covered for you.  Their deep-fried deviled eggs are dipped in buttermilk, then breaded, fried, and served with a crunchy chicken skin aioli.  The deviled eggs are so simple but there’s something about the crunch from the breading matched with the crackling aioli that makes it so dreamy good.

Best Deviled Eggs in Austin | Lucy's Fried Chicken

photo credit: Lucy’s Fried Chicken website

Salty Sow

I love me some deviled eggs at this American Gastropub because they serve truffled deviled eggs with salty sow bacon and chives.  They’re just straight up delicious, and if you’re feeling naughty then go ahead and enjoy those with their duck fat fries served with their decadent 110-minute egg, and a cold béarnaise sauce–because if you’re already enjoying truffle-flavored anything and starchy goodness dunked in duck fat, then béarnaise sauce is the only way to go.

Best Deviled Eggs in Austin | Salty Sow


At Jacoby’s you can get three classic deviled eggs with pickled vegetables and their house hot sauce for just $6.  I love to pair them with their pickles & summer sausage, their pimento cheese, and beef tartare served with potato chips, pickled quail egg, spicy aioli and shallots (can you tell I love pickled anything).  If you prefer your beef cooked, well you’re in for a treat because Jacoby’s serves some of the best meat in town, thanks to the feed they’ve created and give to the cattle that they raise.  The Jacoby’s burger is on my list for my top 10 favorite in town.

Best Deviled Eggs in Austin | Jacoby's


Fixe serves fancy southern food (my verbiage, not theirs), and their deviled eggs are no exception.  They are served with fermented cabbage (or sauerkraut if you will), smoked trout roe, and grated ham.  If you pair those with their famous house biscuits, you’re in fancy southern food heaven.  If you feel like treatin’ yourself because you’re already eating fancy, make sure to try out their lobster pot pie as well, made with Maine lobster, Louisiana crawfish, mushrooms, and a sweet corn miso béchamel.

Best Deviled Eggs in Austin | Fixe

Stella San Jac

Located at the Westin Hotel downtown, they’re served with Andouille sausage, which is one of my favorites. They are part of the small plates menu, which includes some delicious biscuits, lamb meatballs, jumbo lump crab cakes, and more.

There you have it.  A roundup of the best deviled eggs in Austin (in my humble and expert opinion).  What do you think? What I thought was “man, I didn’t realize A) deviled eggs were so versatile and B) how many restaurants in Austin do deviled eggs so well.  I know I’ve missed a few, so please share with us in my last Instagram post so that the deviled egg-o-philes living in Austin or just visiting can get their fix whenever the craving strikes.